This current generation BMW 6 Series needs to be cherished, as it’s the last generation of 6 Series Coupe/Convertibles. After this 6 Series is put out to pasture, the next-generation of 6er will be in GT guise. So appreciate it while it lasts, folks, as these stunning good looks are not here to stay. What’s surprising about the 6er’s design is that it’s still so attractive, even when compared to its very new competitor — the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet.

While the new E-Class has been criticized a bit (mostly by myself) for being a bit dull and nondescript, this new Cabriolet variant brings out some charm in its design. In fact, at least in profile, there’s an elegance to the E-Class Cabrio that hasn’t been seen on a convertible Mercedes since the Pagoda. It’s smooth and handsome and, with that calm and serene interior, would make a great boulevard cruiser.

Though, the 6 Series ‘Vert is still so good looking, even against much newer competition. The body lines are sleek, its modern sharknose front end is aggressive and its rear haunches look muscular. It’s certainly the sportier looking car of the two. In profile, I’d say this is a dead heat, as both cars are very attractive, just in different ways.

Up front, neither car is any different looking than their coupe counterparts, but I’d have to give the win to the BMW 6 Series. It just looks sharper and more aggressive, which makes it more desirable. The mug of the Mercedes is fine looking, but you don’t stop and turn your head for fine looking, do you? It’s just a tad boring. Plus, that blingy grille looks like something Xzibit would put on a car.

Out back, I still think the 6 Series has a better rump. The Mercedes E-Class has never had an attractive rear end. Admittedly, though, it looks its best in Cabriolet guise. Whereas the sedan’s rear looks frumpy and the coupe’s rear looks as if it’s melting, the Cabrio looks much better. It sort of has a boat-deck look to it that makes it look elegant and expensive. I also like the slight ducktail rear wing at the back.

Inside, it’s 6 Series and E-Class as usual and this really comes down to preference. The 6er is the sportier looking cabin and by far the older of the two. Though, it still looks great, with that waterfall effect on the passenger side of the center console. The E-Class’ cabin is the more luxurious of the two and the more elegant. In my personal opinion, I like elements from both. The Benz’s dash layout and wood trim is very pretty but those giant tablet screens are going to look horrible in five year’s time, as they will seem dated and yesteryear. Just look at an iPad 1, it looks cheap and old-fashioned compared to a new iPad Pro. Same idea.

Overall, I think it’s really tough to choose between these two. While the BMW 6 Series is still so good looking, this is the best looking E-Class variant I’ve seen yet. The 6er has the sort of sharknose looks that the original did, just more modern looking, and will probably still look great when it’s finally dead and gone. The new E-Class is like a modern-day Pagoda, with subtle and handsome looks that make it seem like an expensive and luxurious boulevard cruiser.

It really comes down to what you want from a convertible. If you want something smooth, luxurious and elegant, go for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet. If you want something sporty and exciting with looks and an interior that will stay sharp looking for decades to come, go for the BMW 6 Series Convertible. Just make sure to get the latter now while it lasts.

[Source: Bimmertoday]