This year’s watch trends have brought a lot of exciting new designs to the scene. Simple designs are still dominating, but elements of both traditional and more intricate designs are making a come back. Below, we’ve put together a list of five watches that exemplify the must-have trends right now so you can keep your wrist looking fresh in 2017 and looking cool in your car. Most of them are extremely affordable, so they won’t break your bank.


Movado Sapphire Quartz Silver Dial Stainless Steel Band Men’s Watch


Minimalism was a big trend in 2016 and it’s still going strong in 2017. Minimalism is the refreshing opposite of many complicated, intricate designs of a few years ago. People are choosing minimalism for its powerful simplicity. The Movado Sapphire Silver watch exemplifies minimalism. All the design elements of this watch flow together, creating a simple and clean, yet bold statement.

Straight Forward

Bulova Classic Black Dial Stainless Steel Men’s Watch


Simple watches like this Bulova Classic are in keeping with the recent trend of minimalism, but they add a little more functionality. The Bulova Classic perfectly delivers more functionality with excellent design. The watch’s traditional black and silver look is subtly enhanced with red

accents that makes it very “now.”

Feeling Blue

Orient Star Automatic Blue Dial Stainless Steel World Time Watch


Blue faces are an emerging trend in watches right now. Blue faces are showing up in both modern minimalist designs and in more intricate, high end designs. The Orient Star is an incredible example of this trend. Overall, it has traditional features with unique design elements like it’s signature world time keeper. The blue face on this watch makes it a cut above the rest by taking its design to a whole new level.

Modern Luxury

Frederique Constant Worldtimer Silver Dial Brown Leather Band Men’s Watch


Luxury watches are always in style. One thing that makes luxury watches so collectable are the slight variations in design from year to year. The Frederique Constant Worldtimer is a prime example of 2017 luxury trends. It celebrates mixed metals, warm and cool tones, and even has a pop of trendy blue in its hands and on its face. This makes the Worldtimer the luxury piece you should add to your collection this year.

If you’re like many collectors, you might be constantly switching up your collection. One of the new trends in luxury watches is selling pieces you don’t wear as much in order to fund this year’s purchases and grab new, exciting pieces like this year’s Worldtimer. You can always consider using popular online sales services like Sell Me Watch to help you switch up your collection with a fresh luxury piece.

Bold Modernism

Movado Bold Black Dial Black Leather Band Watch


Modern designs right now are merging with minimalistic ones to create a new look. This Movado  Bold watch packs a huge amount of style in its starkly black and white look. The clean white lines of this watch make satisfyingly balanced shapes against its pitch black background. This watch is a must have for lovers of modern style.