26 year old Münchner Oliver Sold is a passionate photographer and one of his subjects is the Bavarian brand with the blue and white roundel. Inspired by the 100 year anniversary of BMW, Sold devoted his bachelor thesis in photography to one topic: “The Fascination of Car Design – BMW Design in Detail.”

“To me, cars have always been more than just a means to an end,” Sold has told us. “I’m fascinated in many different ways, first of all in terms of their design. There are various criteria that – in their sum – make up a harmonious car design. In my photographic work I’ve tried to extract these details, taking them out of their context, and creating a space for their own perfect shape.”‘

By employing reduced and at the same time distinctive light guidance, often combined with unfamiliar perspectives, Sold is sharing with us his work. “The sheer concentration on the aesthetics is the focus of my work,” Sold says. “This way I am able to create a new angle on the everyday object car.”

His thesis features over 50 BMW models from the long history of the brand, from the classic Dixi up to the current 7 Series. The pictures were taken at the BMW Museum in Munich, at the BMW Group Headquarters and in private homes. Click below for more images:

[Source: www.instagram.com/oliversoldfotografie | (www.facebook.com/OliverSoldFotografie]