Typically, when journalists test drive cars, we get them for about a week to live with and review. A week is enough time to put the car through the usual everyday aspects of one’s routine. However, some journos are fortunate enough to get some of these newer cars for a much longer period of time, to really live with it and see what’s it like to actually own. The folks at Automobile have been lucky enough to get a BMW M2 for their Four Seasons test fleet, which sees them test the car for, well, four seasons. This way, they can see how the BMW M2 is all year long and give a full review.

And it’s important to find out what it’s actually like to own and live with for an entire year. With how difficult the M2 is to currently get, it’d be nice to know how it is to own, after the initial excitement wears off, or if it even does. The M2 is probably the most popular and in-demand BMW on the market so it’d be nice to know if it’s worth the long wait. And it’s hard to find out after just a week.

So Automobile spec’d their BMW M2 and ordered it for a year. Of course, they picked the right paint color — Long Beach Blue — and equipped it with most of the few options that are available. The Executive Package was ordered, as well as the seven-speed DCT gearbox. While the latter might not be the most enthusiast-oriented choice, as most of us would want a manual, Automobile is subject to waiting over six months for a manual like the rest of us. So instead of waiting, they went with the DCT. Plus, it’s faster that way anyway.

In total, Automobile’s BMW M2 rung in at $57,545, which they consider a good deal and we agree. For less than $60,000, they now have a rear-wheel drive sports car from BMW M with a turbocharged I6 engine, 365 hp, a dual-clutch transmission, sat-nav and leather seats. To get a Porsche Cayman with comparable performance and equipment, you’d spend about $20,000 more. So the M2 is a great deal in comparison with the market.

We’re interested to see how well the BMW M2 holds up with Automobile over the course of a year. Through Michigan’s harsh winter and hot summer, the M2 will prove whether or not it holds up well and if it’s worth actually owning long term.

If anyone owns an M2 and has for a while now, let us know how your car is holding up and how you like it.

[Source: Automobile]