Not all car builds are created equal. Some cars are built to be completely utilitarian, track-based cars. Some are built to be show cars, where style and flash is above all else. Yet some cars are just meant to be fun daily drivers that look a bit different than the stock car. This modified BMW 435i is the latter, as it’s more of a daily driver with some interesting mods done.

The wrap that’s been put on this 435i is interesting in that it’s almost like chameleon paint but it only really changes between blue and purple and not by much. It’s a different style of wrap than you might typically see on a BMW but it’s interesting and, depending on your tastes, can be cool. It’s also sitting on larger black wheels than stock and Pirelli P Zero tires. The suspension is bone stock, though, which is interesting because it looks lower than normal. Attribute that to the larger wheels.

In terms of performance modifications, there’s a Evolution Racewerks charge pipe, Gintani catless downpipe with a Supersprint exhaust and an AFE air intake. Thanks to the Supersprint exhaust, the BMW 435i is very loud, with tons of burbles on throttle lift. It’s actually crazy loud but it sounds pretty good despite that, considering that the BMW M4 usually sounds pretty bad when it gets loud exhausts. The N55 engine in the 435i sounds considerably better than the M4’s S55.

Aside from that, this car’s pretty stock. It has a standard eight-speed automatic gearbox and ride on the stock suspension, as mentioned before. The brakes are also standard and there isn’t even an engine tune. So aside from being louder, it really doesn’t drive any differently than the standard 435i, though it’s a bit faster thanks to some of the mods.

All in all, it’s really just a more interesting looking and much louder BMW 435i. So it’s an easy daily driver while providing the sort of new touches that make it nicer for that owner.