BMW 435i

A Clean BMW 435i With Satin Black HRE Wheels

Estoril Blue BMW 435i Build 1 750x500

The Ultimate Build: Estoril Blue BMW 435i

Choosing Estoril Blue for your brand-new BMW 4 Series is a great way to stand out. The owner of this BMW 435i decided to further customize his 435i Coupe giving it a more aggressive and appealing…

Alpine White BMW 4 Series With Vossen VFS2 Wheels 3 750x500

Alpine White BMW 435i With Vossen VFS2 Wheels

This build will come as a shocker for anyone that likes to see their BMW’s pure and stock. The car features a completely lowered suspension, thanks to an airride installed. Alongside the extreme lowering, the…

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How to ruin a beautiful BMW 435i

While often the aftermarket industry can help you improve the looks of your BMW, there are those few times when they can ruin it. This BMW 435i is the perfect example; at least in our…

Clean Alpine White BMW 435i By Exclusive Motoring 12 750x500

Alpine White BMW 435i By Exclusive Motoring

Impressive as it is, a BMW 4 Series gets its looks upgraded by Exclusive Motoring. The Miami-based tuner develops aftermarket build solutions for high-performance and luxury vehicles. Their target on this instance, an Alpine White BMW…

bmw 435i test drive 20 750x500

Fifth Gear Team Test BMW 435i – VIDEO

Fifth Gear test drives and reviews the new BMW 435i. Compared to the F30 3 Series, the BMW 435i Coupe sits on a lower suspension which brings the car’s center of gravity down to below…