BMW’s E63-generation 6 Series is an interesting car. When it first debuted, it was met with mixed reviews. Many loved its styling and many felt it was awkward. However, the way it drove was well liked, as it was fast, handled well and equally comfortable. It was a proper BMW grand-tourer. The best of the standard 6 Series’ was the BMW 650i, a V8-powered, rear-wheel drive beast.

Australian driver Andi Aigner turned a BMW 650i into a proper rally car, which we’ve seen before. The 4.8 liter naturally-aspirated engine under its hood makes a hellacious noise, one that sends our ears into aural nirvana. We’ve seen Aigner tear up dirt tracks and streets with his 650i rally car and it looks like great fun. But what looks even more fun is watching it tear up a snow track.

Wearing studded tires that seem about as skinny as space-saver spares, Aigner rips around a snowy track in his awesome BMW 650i, sliding and drifting all over the place, sending rooster tails of snow into the air. Low traction, rear-wheel drive and a V8 combine to make what might be the most fun snow package of all time.

Just listen to that V8 roar and watch as the 650i aggressively, but gracefully, slides around this track. Then imagine all of the people driving SUVs and pick-up trucks in the snow at 5 mph and wonder which you’d rather be doing. If the answer isn’t sliding around in a BMW 650i with studded tires, you don’t know how to car.

[Source: Jalopnik]