DINAN has been making some of the best BMW M-car tunes over the past few decades. And DINAN-tuned BMWs have gained sort of a cult-icon status. When BMW enthusiasts see a proper DINAN-tuned car, it’s a huge deal. So when we get to see a DINAN S2 E46 M3 on The Smoking Tire, we take notice.

This owner’s car was only a stock E46 M3 for a short period of time, before it received its DINAN S2 package. The owner just recently bought it second-hand and hasn’t really changed it. So it’s as it would have been immediately after DINAN got their hands on it back in 2003. That DINAN S2 package included an ECU tune, new individual throttle bodies, a new air box and a new muffler, all of which combined to add 30 hp. While that isn’t a ton, it’s quite a lot by E46 M3 standards and about as good as it gets without going for forced-induction.

The suspension was also overhauled, with new shocks, springs, camber plates and sway bars that actually give the car a more supple ride over the stock E46 M3. The steering is also better, with better on-center feel, according to Farah, likely thanks to the camber change. This enthusiastic owner’s car only has 53,000 miles on it, which makes it incredibly fresh.

Overall, it seems that Farah likes the car, but he’s really not a fan of high-revving naturally-aspirated engines, as he’s more of a turbocharged, low-end torque kind of guy. However, it’s hard to fault the smoothness and the noise of that glorious S54 engine. Check it out.