With the help of BMW M Performance and Akrapovic, the brutal appearance of the BMW M2 Coupé can be further dramatized. BMW Abu Dhabi Motors has neatly upgraded the compact sports car for its own showroom and, alongside various aerodynamic components, also donated the decorative stickers in the colors of BMW Motorsport.

Thanks to the varnishing in Alpine White color, the Munich Motorsport colors are particularly effective and draw attention to the BMW M2. Above all, the significantly widened fenders, as well as the aggressively drawn aprons on the front and rear, underline the serious performance ambitions of the compact power package from Munich.

2016 BMW M2 M Performance Tuning Abu Dhabi 15 750x528

In addition to the optics, the aerodynamics changes are first and foremost beneficial. The carbon attachments for the front apron, the side skirts and the rear spoiler lip, together with the diffuser insert for the rear apron, which is assisted by Akrapovic, contribute to a reduced lift on the front and rear axle of the BMW M2, especially at high speeds, adding more stability.

2016 BMW M2 M Performance Tuning Abu Dhabi 19 750x512

Besides the improved sound, the Akrapovic exhaust system also promises some objectively measurable improvements compared to the series car. The Slovenes promise a high performance of 6.8 kW at 6,150 rpm thanks to freer airways. However, according to the BMW at 6,500 revolutions per minute, the nominal power of 370 hp does not have to rise to the same extent. At 4,300 rpm the torque, according to Akrapovic, should increase by 8.8 Newtonmeter, in this range the new maximum would therefore be 474 Newtonmeter. Compared to the standard exhaust system, the weight of the tuning product is 5.3 kilograms lighter, resulting in a further improvement in the power weight.


If you want to be on the race track measurably faster than on the road, you should also take a closer look at the BMW M Performance Coilover. It provides a lowering of at least 5 millimeters and brings the BMW M2 as a whole, and depending on the setup, up to 25 millimeters closer to the asphalt. The high-tech shock absorbers can be set 16-fold in the rebound stage and 12-fold in the compression stage. Whoever moves the BMW M2 often at the limit, will also need an upgrade brake system. The M Performance Brake System is derived from the long-distance pads from motorsport which ensures noticeably more thermal capacity and a correspondingly enlarged fading resistance.


[Source: Bimmertoday]