BMW wants to redeem itself. When many accused the brand of having lost its essence in racing and sportsmanship, the Bavarians surprised us with a jewel that has been born legendary. The BMW M4 GTS is the culmination of sportsmanship and racing into a single product.

The GTS overwhelms by its aesthetics, interior and above all behavior. It’s a beast race, born to devour curves at high speeds. Cue in the water injection system and the M4 GTS is different from anything we’ve seen before from BMW. But those that haven’t managed to get their hands on the very limited GTS, BMW might have a surprise for you in the future.


It all started in Spain earlier this year where a BMW M4 CS was unveiled. Limited to only 60 properly numbered units, this is a more civilized version of the exclusive BMW M4 GTS thanks to its versatility and rear seats incorporating compounds similar to BMW M4 Coupe.


In addition to an increase in power – which BMW says it has 450 horsepower – exclusive 20-inch wheels, adaptive M chassis and carbon-ceramic brakes, the new BMW M4 CS incorporates a rear spoiler, similar to the one seen on the M4 GTS, a carbon fiber front splitter and air curtains, a rear diffuser, blacked out kidney grills and side mirrors. Inside, there is a new seats design which offers better grip as well.


The car has been extremely successful in Spain and we’ve heard BMW M is thinking about building similar models for other markets.

On the other hand, the M4 GTS is a track-ready, street-legal beast that is sure to become a classic as BMW will only ever build 830 examples. BMW went to town with the carbon treatment starting with the carbon-ceramic brakes, which come as standard. They also made sure that the hood, roof, driveshaft and strut brace were all carbon fiber too.

The M4 GTS, thanks mainly to a special water-injection system that allows the car to cool the intake charge, puts out 493hp. That’s 68 more ponies for you to unleash onto the track. And as you unleash all 493 of those ponies, you’ll be shifting gears via the DCT-transmission that the GTS comes equipped with.


So choosing one over the other might come down to availability more than anything. Some markets are bound to get more CS models than the GTS one, but in the end, both of these two track monsters will charm you with their wit and fun on the race track.

But to see how the two stack against each other, the folks at took them on a track for an exciting photoshoot.