Awhile back, we learned that ALPINA had registered for trademarks that seem like they will be for future BMW X7 models, such as the “XD7” nameplate. However, we’ve heard no official information on such a car from the famous BMW tuner. We do know that BMW is working on an X7 SUV, to be the flagship of BMW’s SUV model range. But we don’t know for sure if there will be an ALPINA variant in the future.

However, it seems as if Mercedes-Maybach might be forcing BMW and ALPINA’s hand to develop such a high-end luxury SUV.

Mercedes Chief of Global Sales Matthias Luhrs recently told Top Gear that Mercedes and Maybach are looking at all options, including an SUV. “A [Maybach] SUV is still one of them.” Although, according to Luhrs, “no decision has been made yet”, it’s likely that Mercedes-Maybach pulls the trigger, with so many high-end luxury SUVs now on the market.

BMW X7 Render
BMW X7 Render
All of Maybach’s major competitors either currently have an SUV or are in development of one. Bentley currently has the Bentayga, Rolls Royce is working on its own SUV and even Lamborghini is developing the Urus. So it would only make sense for Mercedes-Maybach to join the party.

If that happens, which it’s likely to, BMW would almost certainly have to follow suit. While it does have the Rolls Royce SUV under its belt to compete with Maybach, the fact that it’s no longer just Maybach but Mercedes-Maybach might force BMW to jump into the mix. An easy way to do so would to let ALPINA take a shot at developing a variant of the X7.

ALPINA currently has the B7, a car that adds luxury to the already impressive 7 Series and its rarity gives off an even bigger whiff of opulence. While ALPINA may not have the brand recognition of Maybach, it’s certainly capable of developing comparable luxury and quality. Plus, it would give BMW something to compete in the segment against the Maybach if one does eventually exist.

Mercedes-Benz GLS Class

So, if Mercedes-Maybach does develop an SUV, likely based on the new Mercedes GLS Class, BMW and ALPINA would likely follow suit with an ALPINA XD7 and a monstrously powerful diesel engine.

[Source: Top Gear]