“I had wanted Inka Orange, but the factory couldn’t make that paint-variant available at the time of the order.” Instead, Chris Marino, General Sales Manager of Century West BMW, opted for Fire Orange on his F80 M3-build and the resulting car is something to behold. Not one to shy away from unique and one-off creations, Marino didn’t hesitate on this 2017 M3—he also didn’t blink at the parts-bin.

Like others Marino has built, this M3 received the M-Performance treatment with anything and everything that could be had. Decked out with everything carbon-fiber, this M3 boasts a CF front aero kit, mirror covers, rear diffuser, exhaust tips and a plethora of carbon fiber sprinkled everywhere the eye can see.

Fire-Orange-BMW-M3-28 Fire-Orange-BMW-M3-12 Fire-Orange-BMW-M3-9

Not enough? M-Performance exhaust gives this M3 an angry, business-like (yet daily-driver-tolerable) sound that gives fair warning to all-comers. The factory Competition Package gives this M3 the extra power that, of course, you need! Upon starting this M3, the M-Performance Electronic Steering wheel does its best Christmas-tree impersonation, with red and green lights flashing to greet the driver, an extra touch to remind the driver (as if they needed the reminder) that this M3 is a street-going vehicle that can be a devastating nightmare on the track.


The coup de grâce? You get to ‘row your own boat’ with a factory six-speed manual transmission!


“I’m not a purist, per-se, but can appreciate the purist tradition and can see though those lenses. Accordingly, I had to make this a 6 speed manual transmission,” Marino told us. With manual transmissions becoming ever-scarce, Marino designed this M3 with a purist nod from the design phase. While not exactly evocative of the Inca-Orange 2002Tii that Marino had in mind, this M3 states its own case for being rare and collectible before it ever leaves the showroom floor.

“I design many of our M-cars with the solitary thought that this M may someday wind up in a barn—not neglected, but appreciated and kept for decades only to be found and have the world-reminded of how amazing, unique and well-engineered BMWs are.” While he isn’t a self-proclaimed purist, Marino has put thought into how some rare-BMW’s are perceived today—perceived and coveted. Just ask anyone who would like to get their hands on an E30 M3.