2016 BMW M3 Competition Package – Closer to what M stands for

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While the current-generation F80 BMW M3 doesn’t get much love, it’s still a great everyday performance package. It’s fast, fun to drive and usable as …

While the current-generation F80 BMW M3 doesn’t get much love, it’s still a great everyday performance package. It’s fast, fun to drive and usable as a daily driver. However, it seemed to be lacking a bit of the fizz that made the previous generations of M3 so great. So BMW decided to remedy that by giving it the Competition Package. What the Comp Pack does is sharpen the M3 up with new suspension, revised steering, new wheels and a few extra ponies. Does it work? Car and Driver finds out.

We’ve actually tested both the BMW M3 and M4 with the Competition Package before. But it’s always good to get another perspective on a car and see how theirs compares to ours. In this case, the folks at Car and Driver seem to feel quite similarly about the M3 Comp Pack as we do — it’s how the M3 should have been in the first place.

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With sharper steering and a revised suspension, that’s simultaneously firmer while being more comfortable, the M3 Comp Pack is the perfect blend of weekday comfort and weekend performance. The ride is firm, but not overly so and the steering is sharp but not over-boosted. Could the steering use more feel? Of course, as can be said about any modern performance car with electric power steering. However, it’s incredible accurate and precise and better than the standard car’s. Could the suspension have the one-setting-fits-all style of perfection the way previous M3s had? Yes, but for an adjustable setup, it’s really good.

Then there’s the power. While previous M3s had delicious inline-six exhaust notes, the new M3 has addictive mid-range torque. It simply pulls like a freight train at any rpm in any gear. It’s a torque monster and that instant surge of power becomes addicting. It’s genuinely point and shoot, with any corner or gap in traffic. 444 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque is more than enough to be hilariously entertaining.

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What BMW set out to do with the Competition Package was sharpen the M3/M4 up without taking away its everyday usability. In that endeavor, BMW has succeeded. The BMW M3 Competition package is quite possibly the best overall package for performance and usability in its price range. And with the added agility of its steering and suspension, this new M3 Comp Pack is closer to what M really stands for than the standard car. We think so and it seems as if Car and Driver thinks so as well.

[Source: Car and Driver]

10 responses to “2016 BMW M3 Competition Package – Closer to what M stands for”

  1. John says:

    Sad. An M3 is not the ultimate driving machine. You need to spend $5,500 more for that.

    • Lel says:

      Ultimate driving machines are cars like porsche 911/918, Lamborghinis, Ferrari. Not fucking BMW with cheap front engine and ancient rear wheel drive. WTF :D

      • Ferrari F12, Porsche Panamera, Mercedes-AMG GT, Corvette Grand Sport, Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio and BMW M4 Comp Pack — all incredible, all front-engine rear-wheel drive. So that theory that front-engine rear-drive is ancient, cheap or not the “Ultimate Driving Machine” is pretty unfounded.

    • It is unfortunate that the $5500 needs to be spent, but it does genuinely pay off.

  2. Jeff Dos Remedios says:

    lacking the fizz? this has to be one of the weakest examples of auto-focused
    journalism ive ever read…were staying tuned literally

    • “The fizz” is an expression coined by the original guys from Top Gear and they’re prob the best automotive journalist on the planet. So if they’re weak journalists then, sure. You’re right.

  3. niccolo says:

    “Doesn’t get much love” is an understatement, it deserves none. Proper “M” bespoke engines stopped at the E92 M3 with its 8k+rpmV8. All those variant of the boring tt i6 3.0L in the confusing 225M*M4*430M3 current generation of badged car is irritating. Most people that were willing to pay for an exclusive bespoke engine with none of the current dilution and intentionally ambiguous M branding marketing are going to payback BMW for the disfavor they will know to look elsewhere for their next sub-exotic sports car. Those people who pay top price to get the real thing will desert bmw first, then so will all the larger crowd of enthusiasts as bmw continues its transformation to becoming the German Lexus. You could push the marketing pretend for 3-4 years but expect bmw to get shunned for better sub-exotic brands that understand what the customer wants and don’t stab him in the back.

    • Boris Mihaylov says:

      You’re mistaken. We know new M cars are much better than the old ones… but that’s not the interesting part. Fact is that even the normal versions of BMW are getting better than the M’s of yesteryear…and even today. Take the bog standard 120d and compare it with an e30 m3, get a laugh, and you’ll then have to immagine what the 140i has to offer…even the current M2 is on par with that thing. Then there’s the G30 550i which sprints like an F10 M5, which we know can blow the doors off of any e60 M5 and they just get slower with age…

  4. Jeff Dos Remedios says:

    accountants rule :)

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