With only 803 units sold globally, the BMW M4 GTS is as rare as it can get for a future collectors car. But out of the bunch, there is one that stands out the most. Painted in Fire Orange, like the original M3 GTS, the super duper sports coupe has gone through the BMW Individual program and emerged with what we believe is the only M4 GTS painted in the shinny and bright orange color.

The car is currently displayed at BMW Spaet Ismaning and it’s owned buy a private buyer. Considering that BMW only offered the GTS in three four colors, we can only assume that the owner had quite some pull with M folks.

BMW M4 GTS Fire Orange 5 750x422

The BMW M4 GTS was officially available in the colors Frozen Dark Gray Metallic, Sapphire Black, Mineral Gray and Alpine White as standard, but no special finishes with the help of BMW Individual were initially planned.

This BMW M4 GTS in Fire Orange also features the optional carbon wheels , which are being sold at a premium of 12,500 euros to those in search for extreme ways to reduce weight. Apart from that, we also see the other M4 GTS features like the pull-out front spoiler, the adjustable tailgate, the distinctively shaped bonnet and the OLED taillights, which are impressive not only at night.

BMW M4 GTS Fire Orange 8 750x422

If anybody still asks what makes the BMW M4 GTS so special, the response from the Nürburgring lap time is sufficient: 7: 27.88 minutes. Thanks to the water injection 500-hp engine, the top model of the M4 family is the fastest road-legal BMW in the Green Hell, leaving not only its predecessor, but also many super-athletes behind it.


[Photos: Todor Todorov | @todorov5]