The BMW 5 Series along its BMW 3 Series brother have long set the standards in their respective segments. The two share a long history between them and every time a new model came out, it managed to surpass the expectations. But is the same true for the latest 5 Series? Will the 2017 model rise above any competition to reclaim the number one spot?

It’s pretty obvious that the Germans worked extra hard to bring out a heavily revised model that had the tools needed to take on its worst enemies. The arch rival from Mercedes, for example, won’t be easy to beat but then again, it never was. Dropping significant weight and bringing a lot of new tech to the table, the new 5er might just be able to do it.

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The guys from Auto Express certainly think so, calling the new 5 Series a game changer after reviewing it for the first time. In the video below, the guys go over the most important new features and tech the car brings to the table, pointing out both the good and the bad things that drew their attention.

Among the good things you’ll find the renowned excellent balance of the straight six engines under the hood, be it in diesel or petrol guise as well as the sound deadening applied to them. Basically, the diesel mill is reduced to a distant hum that reminds us of the 7 Series, a car sitting just one level above the more ‘affordable’ 5 Series.

Of course, there’s more to point out as you’re about to see but the bottom line is, this car has the potential to be a game changer. That doesn’t apply to the exterior design as the guys call it a bit bland and boring but even so, the technology it brings makes it worthy of taking on an excellent car such as the E-Class.