One of the most anticipated cars that will be launching in the next few years is, without a doubt, the upcoming BMW 3 Series. Known internally under the codename G20, the new 3 Series will have some extremely steep competition to go up against. Furthermore, being the company’s bread and butter, everything has to be just right, to keep the momentum going.

One of the first prototypes has already been spotted on the Nurburgring and things are looking light for the moment. Admittedly, the speed the car was carrying through the corners didn’t seem too high but then again, the body roll the car exhibited is also extremely low which gives us reason to be optimistic about its kerb weight when it comes out.


According to our sources inside Munich, the new 3 Series will be lighter than its predecessor by a considerable margin. Using lightweight materials throughout its chassis and body, the new sedan will be looking to reclaim its number one spot in the segment as it has over the last 40 years. And if handling will be just right, thanks to a noticeable drop in weight, other areas are likely to be improved upon as well.

Often the 3 Series’ interior has been deemed as dated, so we expect the new 3 Series to deliver a more premium cabin than the current generation while retaining its sporty DNA.


Under the hood we’re expecting a range of engines as seen in the new 5 Series, from 2-liter to 3-liter mills. However, the M Performance branch will be getting a new model once the G20 3 Series comes out. The 340i will become the M340i and will gain a bit more power and some bespoke features to set it apart from the rest of the range, filling the performance gap between the 330i and the full-on M3. On the diesel front, there will also be a BMW M340d model, that will be replacing the uber-fast 335d version of today.

At the other end of the spectrum we might see the 1.5-liter 3-cylinder turbocharged family of engines making a debut on the 3 Series, if not as standalone powertrains at least as part of a plug-in hybrid offering. Another rumor that probably will disappoint you claims that the Touring model won’t be sold in the US anymore come 2019, so you might want to grab an F30 one until then if you’re a fan of that body type. Expect the new 3er to be released in 2019, most likely at the Geneva motor show, as the production of the current F30 3 Series is scheduled to end in October 2018.