BMW 5 Series won’t be huge sales success, according to experts

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At the moment, investors and market strategists suggest that BMW may have a rough go of it, profit-wise, in 2017, despite the influx of new …

At the moment, investors and market strategists suggest that BMW may have a rough go of it, profit-wise, in 2017, despite the influx of new models. If you look at BMW’s model line at the moment, things are actually looking good. The 3 Series, BMW’s best-selling model, just received a refresh and is offering new engines. The 5 Series, BMW’s second best-selling model, is all new for 2017 (beginning Feb. 2017 in US) and boasts tons of new improvements as well as new technology. BMW’s flagship 7 Series is also starting to gain traction and the BMW X1 will get its first full year of sales in 2017. The MINI Countryman will also launch. So, on paper, it seems as if 2017 could actually be a big year for BMW. However, analysts feel otherwise.

The reason for the lukewarm reaction from analysts and strategists is the seeming lack of change from the previous generation 5 Series. While the new G30-gen car is all new and boasts new technology, engines and interior, they feel as if it isn’t different enough from the F10-gen to make much of a difference. And the reason for that is the F10 5 Series sold very well for BMW, so experts don’t see the G30 doing much better, if at all.

BMW G30 5 Series Luxury Line interior 7 750x500

This is especially true because of the influx of new models from other brands. Mercedes-Benz just launched its new E-Class, another extremely popular model in the segment. And that car looks and feels significantly different from the car it replaces. Jaguar also has the new XF, which should eat up a small portion of sales, and the Cadillac CT6 has just launched, which will bring a lot of American car buyers into Cadillac dealers. So the new 5 Series, while significantly improved, faces touch competition.

Admittedly, it’s kind of silly to think that the new 5 Series isn’t changed enough over the previous-gen, simply because its looks aren’t night-and-day different. On glance at the interior and one drive will prove that to be completely false. However, many buyers think like these analysts and can’t be bothered to actually understand the differences. They want something that looks new and different and if BMW doesn’t offer that this year but Mercedes-Benz does, guess where their money is going to go?

So experts seem to think that, while the 5 Series will do well, it won’t be a big year for the Bavarian brand, or at least bigger than it was before.

[Source: Forbes]

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  1. milky_cereal says:

    It’s kind of funny. Everyone pretty much loved the look of the F10, but lamented that it was too heavy and not as athletic as the E60 or the vaunted E39. Now the G30 is an evolutionary design from the F10, and not polarizing like the E60, but seems to solve the handling ills, and people are up in arms. If they had changed it too much, they would risk a Bangle design, which seems to have scarred BMW for life.

    In a lot of ways, it’s a German thing. The look of the new E compared to the previous gen on the outside is very similar. Let’s not even talk about Audi. If BMW decided to abandon the kidney grille or Hoffmeister kink, there would be rioting in Munich.

    I’ll take superior driving dynamics over a revolutionary design any day.

    • Eddie says:

      not sure what you’re smoking but the new E class is VERY different inside and out from the LAST E-class. the new 5-series is tragic and depressing in terms of design. My father, who recently ordered a 2017 E-Class wouldn’t even consider the new 5-series saying it’s too dull. This is my 74 year old father who eats the same lunch every day calling the 5-series dull—so it must REALLY be dull!!

      • milky_cereal says:

        Inside, yes. Outside, not that much.

        • Arunabh says:

          Probably its just your personal opinion. For me, the exterior is the biggest deterrent of the G30 5 series (or for that matter G01 7 series). It seriously makes me question why someone should be putting so much money on this one?

          Yes, people may come up with explanations that it is loaded with tech and all that stuff, but, so is the new E class (and next gen A6 might end up trouncing both in terms of tech).

          Some may say about better driving dynamics. These cars will end up most time trundling through city streets rather than winding through mountain roads. So is the driving pleasure really going to sway most buyers for this one? And more importantly. is there a day light difference between the driving dynamics of this 5er and rest of the competition? (I guess, Cadillac already has BMW’s number on this front for last half a decade).

          It is the differentiation in exterior and interior design that is going to become the Major USP of any vehicle, from now on.

          To be very honest, very recently launched Opel Insignia (and, i am just whispering, Kia Optima) looks miles better than this. It looks fresh, lines are modern, and there is a sense of some creativity and thought process involved in making it look stand out with a personality of its own. And, both of them will cost one third of what BMW will charge. On the contrary, this 5 series has got such a ubiquitous personality that it just doesn’t demand so much money to be put on it.

          This will sell for sure. Atleast for the first 2-3 years. But, i doubt whether it will emulate the sales success of the F10.

          As i mentioned elsewhere, this thing has got a timeless design not because of the utmost brilliance behind the design but because of the fact that it has arrived as an aged vehicle with not much scope for visual fatigue left.

      • MultiKdizzle says:

        I didn’t love the look of the F10 at all. I thought it was terribly staid.

        This new one is better, but not the revolution I was looking for.

    • Jack S says:

      fully agree!

    • Bob Morane says:

      The E Class is very similar, almost the same, as C Class and S Class, but very different compared to previous E Class.

      • milky_cereal says:

        Watch this video and see if you can spot the differences between the two. Very similar design on the outside, except for the rear. Interior different story of course.

        • Bob Morane says:

          Very different, Mercedes just sticked new front on old E Class for facelift, just as they sticked new front on old C Class Compact facelift.

        • Senne says:

          The new E Class doesn’t look like the outgoing model at all. Totally different design, except maybe in the front. The E Class is just a smaller S Class and a bigger C Class. There’s really not much difference between them.

  2. Giom says:

    The hype will fade and the G30 will still be on the market doing its thing. Subjectivity is enemy #1 for auto manufacturers, no doubt. But if there is one thing that I’ve learned over the years is that naysayers are quick to voice their displeasure while actual happy buyers just buy – no fuss. I doubt it will be different for G30.

    • Hahn says:

      Im sure its sales would be very good. Only from personal perspective I feel bit disappointed, as ex series 3 and series 5 driver who is now driving Audi A6 Avant i was eagerly waiting this one as my new car is due in 2017. Was looking at car renders etc and its all been anti climax for me. On the outside i was really expecting more then simple downsize of series 7 but can live with exterior, hope it will be better when I see it in flash. Where I have trouble the most is interior. Recycling the same interior in all models all and all over again is becoming really boring. I know its driver oriented and well proven but if I am going to spend next 4 years in it and pay considerable amount of money I need bit of wow factor…Again will wait to see it live but I am afraid that wow moment will be missing which for this I may find somewhere else. Also, BMW series 5GT or 6 now is also something they should work on. Mercedes being copycat but that E class All-terrain is growing on me. BMW doesn’t have proper car in this not SUV not limousine segment where Audi all road is and now all terrain. 5(6)GT should be the one but…

      • Max says:

        Drive that E-sh.. and the 5 and then u will see. That E interior is not only blending, its infotainment and usability is just poor. I dont know hoe someone can buy that over a 5. Have u ever used that shitty merc system? Its the worst on the market. No intuitivty, no usability, no concept at all. Dont talk about enginge and gearbox..try that merc automatic and then hop into the BMW, there are worlds between. Even the E90 had better transmission than new Mercs..And yes, Ive driven the new C,E, and 5er..
        I always wonder how people make buy decisions, apparently only buy looking at a fancy screen on the dash.

        • Hahn says:

          Thanks Max, for sure I will try both before making a decisions, will have to live 4 years with it:) Most of my ride is city with high ways etc so interior is important. I kind a like E class downsized interior of S class, its not just fancy screen but entire feel you get when you sit inside and press ignition button. Re intuitive or not honestly once you set up all you need you don’t need to go through menus that often. But not waste more time the final call will be made once I test try both, I just feel bit short of that “emotional” wait for BMW based on what I have seen so far…hate SUVs but X5 is also an option now although new will come out soon. Coming back to discussion I again have no doubt this BMW will sell very well, they played safe with exterior/interior I think for exactly that reason…

    • Borislav Mikhaylov says:

      Yes, it will be doing its thing, i.e. it will be asskicked by the E-Class.

  3. Icebreakerr says:

    these experts dont know shit. the 5 series will sell like hot cakes its class leader

  4. Borislav Mikhaylov says:

    Sure it’s not going to be a sales success. One must be drunk to waste their money on a car that is worse than even a Nissan Leaf.

  5. Tunmishe Oke says:

    Who are these so called experts who must somehow create a way for themselves to be paid. Shut up already and let the rest of us have fun.

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