In the video below, we teamed up with DriveMag to compare the all-new BMW 5 Series against its archival, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, a car that many felt was untouchable, in terms of design, by BMW.

While the BMW 5 Series has looks that try and blend performance and sportiness with luxury and elegance, the E-Class seems to be more focused on old-world luxury. Yet the new 5er, with its wide headlights and aggressive front fascia, will likely stand out more.


The new 5 Series has an excellent interior, but so does the E-Class.The Mercedes E-Class has a very good looking, very luxurious and very supple cabin, while the 5 Series’ cabin is sharp, driver-oriented and still luxurious. It’s also packed with incredible tech.

Click below to see our video comparison.