BMW is currently rolling out a complex marketing effort to try and get people back into dealerships for more than just maintenance. Therefore, BMW has launched a series of videos on Youtube showcasing to potential customers what they are getting and why prices aren’t exactly the lowest around.

One of the most interesting videos we found online revolves around what the BMW CCRC or BMW Certified Collision Repair Centers. As the name clearly suggests, this is where your car will be repaired to the highest standards after being involved in some unfortunate incident. That can go from a dent to  fixing an entire side of the car, or even filling bullet holes back up.


Why would we bring bullet holes into the discussion? Because the BMW M3 you’re about to see getting fixed in the video below was sporting exactly that. The car was one of the many used by stunt drivers in the making of the latest Mission Impossible movies. In case you missed it, in the Rogue Nation flick, Tom Cruise is being chased down in Morocco by some villains on motorbikes, trying to get to him and his funny sidekick, Simon Pegg.

In the process, the car is being shot at, hit on both sides and even ends up flying over a couple of steps, all in the effort of both getting away from the bad guys and catching up to one of their friends. The cars used for the stunts on the movies were mostly sent to the chop shop, except for one and you can check out how the BMW technicians brought it back to life.