The BMW M2 is, without a doubt, the hottest M model of the moment. It may not be the fastest or the most powerful, but M was never about that. Thus most tuners out there want to capitalize on its popularity and are offering a plethora of tuning options for it.

The latest tuner to throw its name in the hat is US-based Vorsteiner, a company that’s widely known for its high quality components. They just released a teaser photo of what they have in store for current and future M2 owners and we like what we see. Their pic seems to be a virtual rendering but it’s pretty accurate nonetheless.


It shows an Alpine White BMW M2 fitted with their own front bumper lip as well as a vented hood and new side skirts. While the hood may or may not be made of carbon fiber, the lip and the side skirts are definitely made of carbon fiber, just as we expected them to be. However, these might as well be just the first of a wider palette of parts that will be on offer later down the road.

That said, we can’t wait to see what their final take on the baby M will be, and what other novelties will they bring to the market. A set of wheels will almost definitely be part of the package and maybe even a wide body kit as we’ve seen on the BMW M4 GTRS4.