Rolls-Royce will be ending the production of its flagship model, the Phantom, just before we enter 2017. Since the new model isn’t going to be entering production until 2018, the darling of the Rolls range now is the Dawn .

That said, the Rolls-Royce Dawn seems to be taking up a generous amount of limelight as the Goodwood-based company is launching more and more unique variations of the drop top. The latest was Inspired by Fashion – as the double-R brand puts it – and is indeed a sight to behold. Under the stewardship of Design Director Giles Taylor, a team of talented designers were hand-picked from the worlds of fashion, fine textiles and luxury accessories to work on this new project.


The list of names includes textile specialist Cherica Haye from the Royal College of Art and leather technologist Michelle Lusby who previously worked at Mulberry. Their work has seen the incorporation of fine silks and unexpected textures into the interior environment of truly bold and distinctive Bespoke commissions. They have conceived and executed Bespoke commissions with a depth of inspiration befitting to the world’s leading luxury brand.

In creating ‘Dawn – Inspired by Fashion’, these designers selected the neutral canvas of white upon which to base three vibrant colors that will set the tone for 2017’s Spring/Summer collection; Mugello Red, Cobalto Blue or Mandarin. Subtle accents of these shades adorn interior aspects of each Dawn, that will be admired not only by those inside the cabin but those from outside as well, when the roof is down.


“Our clients are the very arbiters of fashion, tastemakers who sit in the front row of the Couture shows, themselves influencing evolving trends,” comments Giles Taylor, Director of Design for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. “To them, the commissioning of fine luxury objects represents a deeply-involving curatorial process – with different forms of luxury design, craft and execution serving as inspiration for the other. ‘Dawn – Inspired by Fashion’ beautifully expresses the notion that inspiration for truly personal objects is drawn from the passions, tastes and lifestyle of its patron.”

Inside the cabin you’ll notice the theme is dominated by a combination of Arctic White leather with contrasting stitching. The car’s front and rear door pockets have been fitted with fine silks, adorned with an abstract representation of the Spirit of Ecstasy with each emblem set precisely at 55 degrees to complement the lines of the door. Finally, the dashboard was created in Piano White with aluminum particles resulting in a silk-like appearance, with the lacquering process alone taking nine days of meticulous work.