As things stand at the moment, the internal combustion engine is on its way out of our lives. Its efficiency and the advancement of electric motors are making sure that in the future most cars are going to be powered by other types of technology. But where does that leave us, the enthusiasts, that love the smell of unburnt gas and the sound of a high-revving V8? Moreover, where does that leave the BMW M division and its legacy?

These questions are being asked more and more in various interviews, as CEOs of big car making companies are trying to find the answer themselves. For fans of the blue and white roundel, they are just as important considering that great engines have already been phased out. I’m sure most of us recall the glorious sound of an engine like the 5-liter S85 V10.


BMW M CEO, Frank van Meel recently sat down with the guys from Drive and talked about where the M division has been and where it’s heading. And while he also dwells into what the future may bring for the Motorsport division, he’s also sharing his thoughts on the history behind the most powerful letter in the world, showing us that he too shares a passion for everything M.

What can be taken as a positive note from this interview is the determination that all future M models should retain their character. As van Meel points out, technology is bound to advance and we’re going to adopt it one way or another but as long as the feeling a car gives you remains intact, there’s no reason to panic. At least for now. Whether this goal will be achieved or not, remains to be seen, but we can only hope so at the moment, putting our trust in the judgment of the people working in Garching.