The BMW i8 is definitely a crowd pleaser. Its design looks so much like the initial concept that it is bound to attract a lot of attention even today, two years after it was launched. But what happens when you decide to go a little further and you wrap your i8 in a special livery?

Pokemon was revived earlier this year with the launch of the new Pokemon Go app. Thousands of people started downloading and playing the game once again and things even seemed to go out of control at one point. Looking to capitalize on the popularity the game still has today, Veluxity Car Rentals decided to turn this BMW i8 into a rolling ad for the game. Therefore, a wrap featuring characters from Pokemon was installed on the car.


The interesting wrap goes with the misfit character of the i8. The non-conventional supercar uses an electric motor, so you know electricity is an intrinsic part of it, just like our yellow friend from the Pokemon series. This would be the perfect car for Pikachu and his electrified tail, that may be used to recharge the car’s batteries.

All jokes aside, the car was wrapped to get as much attention as possible on the road, acting as a sort of billboard for the Veluxity Car Rentals company. Judging by the reactions it got, we think it’s safe to say it achieved its goal.