With this BMW TV series you can get a closer look at the BMW i8. This time you can get more information about the design of the BMW i8.

Here is what our own Hugo Becker had to say about the BMW i8:

“What can you say about a car that is quick as an M3 and returns 75 MPG. It’s a killer idea, almost crazy, and yet we’ll see production BMW i8s in the very near future. And BMW will pull this sustainable magic off without resorting to unobtainium metallurgy, perpetual motion schemes, or unicorn droppings.


The i8′s layout of chassis and passenger cell is a bit different than the i3′s, however. The i8 uses a smaller battery pack and it goes into a central tunnel – again kept as low as possible. The tunnel splits the driver and passenger side of the car. It looks like a central backbone design with sub-frames fore and aft for motors and suspension.

But the magic BMW brings to the party is the CFRP production process that will make up the core of the passenger cell. The outer skin will be composed of thermoplastic (and that allows almost instant life cycle impulses – or customization). Regardless, the ‘i’ sub-brand layering design idiom will be at the fore.

The interior will define sporty – any Prius owner sitting in this car will be ‘green’ with envy. The i8 will redefine what can be done with a hybrid. Hopefully the instrumentation won’t be biased towards hypermiling. But the interior, thanks to the wide central tunnel, will echo exotic cars of yore.”

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