In just a few hours, BMW will finally take the wraps off their new G30 5 Series, the highly awaited midsize sedan which is the core of the BMW brand. And as always, leaked images start to trickle on the Internet.

The latest back come from England where Auto Express jumped the gun and published a full feature in their latest print issue. The images reveal the same design we’ve seen yesterday, only this time, the G30 features the M Sport Package.

G30-5-Series-leak BMW-5-Series-G30-leaked

Unfortunately we can’t reveal all the information just yet, but stay tuned on BMWBLOG for a series of in-depth articles on the new 5er. Just a tiny tidbit before we go: Auto Express says the new M550i does 0-100 in 4.0 secs! Talk about a monster M Performance 5 Series.