Eventuri might be a familiar name to those living in Europe and in love with carbon fiber. The UK-based company has been meddling with the lightweight material for quite some time now, bringing out impressive products over the years. To improve their presence in the U.S., they’re bringing their latest products across the Atlantic, aiming at BMW M3 and M4 owners.

As you might’ve noticed as soon as the F80 M3 and F82 M4 came out, they arrived with a set of new seats. The new M seats feature a fresh design both up front and in the back, one that was bound to gain the attention of tuners out there. That’s because the backs of the seats can now be tuned. That’s right, you can now get custom back plates for them, in a variety of colors, as Eventuri proposes.


Their offerings range from standard carbon fiber black to Red Kevlar, Yellow Kevlar, Blue Kevlar and Orange Kevlar hues. All the parts are created to fit perfectly over the factory seats and are simple plug and play products. Simply remove the standard fittings and install the Eventuri ones, in a matter of minutes. If you’re wondering about any significant performance gains, as you can probably imagine, there are none. Sure, carbon fiber will save some weight compared to the plastic used on the standard seats, but not enough to make a difference.


It will, however, lighten up the mood inside the cabin and bring a touch of color, especially if you’re going for a shade that’s similar to your car’s exterior, as a picture posted below clearly shows. The price tag for the black carbon version is $1,175 in the US and goes up by $250 for the four other colors available.