BMW has been at the forefront of the newest motosport craze, Formula E. Though it hasn’t been around for long, having only had two seasons completed so far, it is gaining popularity quite quickly. The sport’s third season is on the way, starting this month. And BMW is excited to now be partnered with the MS Amlin Andretti team.

“We obviously add our know-how and development expertise to this equation. We will have people on site at the racetrack, and our staff will evaluate the data back home in Munich,” said  Jens Marquardt, BMW’s Motorsport Director. “Through us, Andretti has access to the BMW facilities, which we also use at BMW Motorsport: the wind tunnel, test rigs and much more. Andretti employees have already been out to Munich, and we have visited the team in the USA. The partnership is already a very close one.”



BMW has a rich motorsport heritage, with famous racing cars such as the BMW 3.0 CSL that won Sebring in 1975 and the E30 BMW M3 DTM car that dominated DTM racing back in the ’80s and ’90s, to name just a couple. So too does the Andretti family, obviously. So the two are a good pair to work together in Formula E.

“What makes our brands so complimentary to each other is Andretti and BMW are both in it to win,” said Andretti. “While the foundation of our history is important, you can’t just look back – you always have to continue pushing to run up front and win races and that is what we are all about.”

BMW wants to win, of course, but it also has second motive and that’s to develop new electric and battery technologies for its road cars. Motorsport has always been a fantastic way to develop new technologies and techniques for road cars and Formula E is no different. “In recent years, BMW has established a leading position in the automobile industry in the field of electric mobility, which is forever growing in importance. Production development will, in turn, also benefit from the knowledge acquired through racing in Formula E.” said Marquardt.


“For us, season three heralds a new phase in Formula E. Together with Andretti, we are charged with improving the package and laying the foundations, on which we can be successful in the long term. Every one of us is looking forward to this exciting challenge.”

With BMW working on new plug-in hybrid powertrains for upcoming vehicles and trying to improve battery technologies, Formula E seems like the perfect test-bed for what BMW has in store. And, together with Andretti, it also has a chance to win.

[Source: Electric Auto Sport]