Dinan – one of best-known BMW tuners – is back again with a new power upgrade for the M3 and M4. The work of Steve Dinan paid off over the years, spanning over more than 20 years of experience, and becoming synonymous with quality. Today, Steve is no longer with Dinan but his legacy lives on as the company is still one of the few in the U.S. that offers tuning products which won’t void your warranty.

Their latest product is a Stage 3 upgrade which is both compatible with the stock BMW M3 and M4 models and with Competition Package versions as well. According to the company, the end results are quite impressive but they require some hardware changes as well. A stage 3 BMW M3 or M4 without the Competition Package can reach a total power output of 548 HP and 549 lb-ft (744 Nm) of torque. Competition Package models can go up to 573 HP and 548 lb-ft (743 Nm) of torque.


In both cases though, you’ll need a new cold air intake, exhaust and heat exchanger to make sure you get the proper performance out of your 3-liter biturbo S55 engine. And while the first two hardware items on this list have been available for quite some time, the heat exchanger is a new product. According to Dinan it will grant you gains of +10 HP / +20 ft-lb of torque on the stock engine tune without any additional tune.

Furthermore, it has 60% more volume and 19% more face area than the stock part while the Dinan cooler is 40 mm thick, a 16 mm increase compared to the stock cooler. On average, the water temperature will drop by 9° to the intercooler across the RPM range. That, in turn, improves intercooler efficiency and allows the intake air to be cooled by an additional 6° average across the RPM range compared to stock.

All in all, heat soak is significantly reduced, allowing you to launch your car more times and do more laps on a track than with the stock setup, not to mention the power increase.