The BMW M2 definitely seems like the bargain of the BMW M range. It’s a lot of fun, won’t try to kill you with too much power and it’s a peach to drive both around town and at the limit on the track. The M2 is now in the same class as the Porsche Cayman GTS, another fun car to toss around on the track.

The guys from EverydayDriver took both of these beauties out for a spin to see exactly what sets them apart and which one you should go for.


The video, however, is rather long, at over 20 minutes so it does take a bit of patience to get through it. In a nutshell, the reviewers go over everything you might want to take into consideration when approaching both of these cars. For the M2, one of the issues people rarely expect is the long waiting time for your perfect configuration to be delivered. Since the M2 is so popular, a lot of people are storming to dealerships to buy one.

Putting money down will eventually get you your dream car but in the mean time, you can always have fun testing some other cars. And that’s exactly what the video below is all about.