The new BMW M2 is shaping up to be one of the most successful M cars for the Bavarians. Ever since its launch in the Spring of 2016, the U.S. market received nearly 1,200 M2 units while production continues to ramp up. Beginning at the end of August, BMW kicked off the production for the 2017 M2s, at a rate of around 130 units per week.

Once believed to be a limited edition, the M2 is – according to the company – only limited by the production plans in Leipzig. The M wizards will continue to produce as many M2s as the market demands and the factory allows to build, considering the German plant is one of the busiest in the world. The BMW i3 and i8 are built there, along with a series of front-wheel drive vehicles destined for the European markets.


The current MY2017 M2s will continue to be manufactured through the end of 2017 when the company is rumored to introduce a more hardcore variant of the popular sports coupe.

The M2 could be the best looking BMW on the market today. It looks positively aggressive and it can successfully compete on any track in the world. Being based on the 2 Series, the M2 has a beautiful profile an gorgeous lines. But, being a proper M car, it also has aggressive flared wheel arches and a mean stance. It’s wide, low and angry looking.


And as we’ve experienced, it’s a track monster as well.

In the U.S., the M2 is priced at $51,700, excluding destination and handling fees.