Chicago-based IND Distribution reveals a major upgrade to their BMW M2 project. Their Alpine White M2 now features an RKP carbon fiber roof for the M2.

In its early testing stages, the M2 was often mentioned in the same sentence with the carbon fiber roof, a feature that every BMW fan has dreamed of. But when it launched, the M2 was shipped without the lightweight roof, a move likely to keep a gap between the compact coupe and its bigger brother, the M4 Coupe.


According to IND, the designers at RKP knew that they couldn’t simply produce a flat roof surface for a car with the sporting character of the M2. Instead, the F82 M4 Carbon Fiber roof was laser scanned and converted to a solid CAD model. After the M4 roof shape was analyzed and digitally measured, the surface was re-designed and modified to fit the M2’s unique body shape and proportions. All ratios were carefully evaluated, giving RKP a roof panel that is reminiscent of the M4’s roof, but specifically sized for the M2.


The RKP M2 roof is constructed from 100% hand laid carbon fiber and weighs a scant 7.5lbs, while the original BMW M2 roof weighs 18.5lbs. The M2 Carbon Fiber roof is a full replacement panel, completely removing the factory metal roof, allowing M2 owners to enjoy the reduced weight and increased stiffness of a Carbon Fiber panel, while also providing the M2 with the M4’s unique roof shape.

Pre-orders are available now at a price of $1,295.