Frankenstein BMW Or How To Build A Car From Parts

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If you’re over the age of 17, I’m assuming you’ve heard of Frankenstein, the monster created by the mad Doctor of the same name. The …

If you’re over the age of 17, I’m assuming you’ve heard of Frankenstein, the monster created by the mad Doctor of the same name. The monster, Frankenstein, was created out of scraps of different dead bodies. Creepy stuff. Then lightning was harnessed and sent into the scrap yard-built body until it breathed life. What happens after that is irrelevant, as we’re here to mainly talk about the process of creating said monster.

People do similar things to cars all the time. Owners will do motor swaps or transmission swaps, or put different body panels from other cars on their own, stuff like that. A common BMW version is to put M3 engines into standard 3 Series cars. That’s pretty basic stuff, but some owners get very serious and very creative. I’ve seen E30 M3s with Corvette engines, 2JZ Toyota Supra engines and even one with a BMW V12 engine. People can get very creative in “Frankensteining” their cars.

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Having an old BMW myself, the thought of doing such a thing has crossed my mind a couple of times. But eventually, I decided against it. However, I can see the fun in creating your own Frankenstein, your own twisted vision of what a car should be. So then I got to thinking, if money were no option and I could create a my dream BMW out of all of the parts in BMW’s history, even ones that may not even necessarily work together in real life, what would I create? So let’s do that, let’s create our own personal Frankenstein BMWs.

I’ll tell you what I would do, then you fine readers let us hear yours. Deal? Deal.

Well, first let’s start with the car. BMW has so many great looking cars to choose from so this is a tough one. I’m tempted to go with the M1 here, but I think I’ll have to go with the M6 Gran Coupe body. It’s just so damn good looking, both aggressive and beautiful. Definitely a car I could drive every single day and never get bored of its looks. I’d leave everything about the body alone, wheels, hood, roof and even ride height. I think it’s perfect. Plus, the interior is dynamite.

Next up, engine, obviously. This is also tough, as the M6 engine is already so good. But that’d be silly to use the same engine if I can pick from so many great ones. I think I’ll go with the 6.0 liter twin-turbo V12 from the 760Li.

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Yes, the 4.4 liter Twin Turbo M6 engine has more horsepower (560 vs 535), but the V12 has more torque (553 lb-ft vs 500 lb-ft) and it’s got a silky smoothness of a V12 that no V8 can match. It has an effortless tidal wave of power that surges in at the tiniest application of throttle. Plus it’s a V12 so it’s just better. I’d also pair it to the ZF eight-speed auto of the 760Li as well, because it seems better suited to an engine like that.

My Frankenstein M6 Gran Coupe would also be rear-wheel drive, because it would be hilarious to turn the rear tires into smoke with all of that V12 torque. The Frankenstein car is about madness, and nothing screams madness like smoking tires. And my mad Frankenstein car would be a beautiful M6 Gran Coupe V12.