Two hot M cars were launched this year by BMW. First, the road legal track car BMW M4 GTS made an appearance in the BMW lineup, followed shortly by the new entry M car – the M2. Both of them brought exciting driving dynamics and unparalleled looks, so they have quickly become the darlings of the BMW community.

Another exciting M car, yet slightly criticized, is the BMW M4 Coupe. The first M4 to replace the M3 Coupe was launched three years ago and brought to the market the award-winning S55 six-cylinder engine which replaced the iconic V8 naturally-aspirated unit.


All three of these great athletes have different characters and their own following, and choosing one out of the pack is a daunting task. The folks at Carfection set to offer some advice on picking “The Best M Car Today.” The video below walks through all the highlights of the three M cars.