BMW recently replaced its famous N55 engine with the new B58 engine in the new BMW 340i. While the beloved N55 still lives on in cars like the BMW M2 and X4 M40i, the new B58 is the future for BMW. It’s also better than the N55. It’s more powerful, more efficient, runs cooler and even sounds better. Just the new engine alone makes the 340i a successful replacement for the outgoing 335i. In the latest episode of The Smoking Tire, Matt Farah drives a BMW 340i M Sport to see for himself.

Funnily enough, Farah didn’t know that the 340i had a new engine. He though it was the same N55 as in the 335i. Admittedly, it does get quite confusing. So the owner of the car riding shotgun had to fill him in. After first taking off, Farah notes just how fast the new BMW 340i is. It’s faster than most people would think, getting from 0-60 mph in around 4.8 seconds. That’s properly quick and faster than supercars from the ’90s.

A lot of it has to do with just how smoothly the new B58 puts power down. Farah puts it well by saying that it doesn’t feel stressed, it just easily delivers power throughout its rev range. It also pulls cleanly all the way to redline, unlike the N55 which would drop off a bit toward redline. Power for the BMW 340i is claimed to be 320 hp, but this owners says that on the dyno, people are getting around 330 hp at the rear wheels. That means that BMW is seriously underrating its engine’s power at the crank.




This owner’s car has the option M Sport package, as well as the Track Handling package, and it looks so much better because of it. The Estoril Blue paint with the black 18″ wheels looks fantastic. He also has various M Performance interior touches as well, like the alcantara trim on the dash that reads “M Performance”. It gives the cabin a sportier and more special feel. Whatever BMW charges for that interior trim, it’s worth it.

All in all, Farah seemed to really like the 340i, claiming it to be a great daily driver. It’s very fast, good looking, has a comfortable ride and a near-perfect driving position. It also isn’t too harsh or too loud for daily use. It’s a smooth and comfortable, yet very fast and very fun, sport sedan that can be used everyday.