BMW is apparently hard at work, with a plethora of models being tested as we speak on the famous Nurburgring. Putting cars through their paces on the challenging circuit has become a tradition in Munich, with the 2018 BMW M5 obviously being no exception to the rule. The future high-performance mid-size sedan was recently shot performing at its best on the track and we’re here to share the video with you.

The F90 M5 seems to carry a bit of speed into corners and it does by leaning quite a bit, signs that are not as good as we expected. However, it’s hard to say just how fast the test drivers were going and how much the car leaned just by these shots. Furthermore, BMW promises a considerable drop in weight for the new model thanks to extensive usage of CFRP and aluminum. That means, we could see the overall drop add up to some 100 kilos or 220 lbs.


The main fault the current M5 has and the one that was pointed out the most was that it was too heavy for its own good. The 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 delivers incredible performance while the gearbox is also able to keep up but it was in the corners where the M car disappointed. After all, there’s only this much engineers can do against the irrefutable law’s of nature.

For the 2018 version, we’re expecting big things. The drop in weight is just one of the many improvements the M5 badge will be getting. The engine will remain the same but power output is expected to go up to around 600 HP with torque being similarly enhanced. All-wheel drive will show up but it is still unknown whether it will be standard on all cars or offered as an option.

Either way, Frank van Meel, the man in charge of the M division these days, promises that all-wheel drive will only intervene to keep the power in check in certain situations, for example when launching the car. However, this would imply using a new gearbox as well, either an adapted version of the 8-speed ZF unit as is the one currently used on the X5 and X6 M models or a new 7-speed dual-clutch one that is yet to be unveiled.