After making its round at several events in Monterey, the new BMW 2002 Hommage ended up today at Laguna Seca where it took the centerstage at the BMW pavilion. Celebrating its 100th birthday, BMW has put up an impressive display of racing cars to highlight its racing heritage and some iconic cars from its history.

From the BMW M3 GT2 art car and the 2002tii, to the 3.0 CSL art car and the freshly unveiled 2002 Hommage, the BMW exhibit has something exciting for each one of its visitors, and without a doubt, the new M2-inspired concept is a must-see in this action packed car week.

BMW-2002-Turbomeister-Concept-18 BMW-2002-Turbomeister-Concept-17

The Turbomeister is basically just a re-skinned version of the 2002 Hommage Concept shown at the Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este in Italy back in May. That means it’s basically a BMW M2 underneath the skin, as it is on the M2 chassis and uses the same engine. However, it has a mostly carbon fiber body on time that’s as extravagant as it is striking.




The gold in the headlights is to both honor the “Golden” 50th anniversary of the BMW 2002 and to be vaguely reminiscent of the sort of gold-inited headlights of racing cars back in the day. It’s also wears ‘Turbo’ badges on both the front splitter (backwards, just like the original BMW 2002 Turbo) and on the massive rear wing. ‘Turbomeister’ badges also adorn the car’s hood, fenders and rear bumper.


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