Yesterday, we showed you a video from Carwow’s automotive Olympic games. To coincide with the current 2016 Rio Olympics, the folks at Carwow decided it would be funny to recreate some of the games held there with cars. Yesterday’s video featured a BMW M2, Caterham 620S, Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 and a Honda Civic Type R drag racing in reverse. After two separate heats, the Honda took Gold, Caterham Silver and both the BMW M2 and Jeep SRT-8 Bronze for there respective countries.

In today’s video, we see the same batch of cars tackle the Rhythmic Gymnastics event. This is a fun event for cars, as they get to slide about and do all the fun stuff that us car nuts like to do. And because traditional Rhythmic Gymnasts hold a ribbon to better demonstrate their movements, a long blue ribbon was taped to the back of each car.


Each car must go through a simple road course with a few obstacles. The first obstacle is little slalom to weave in and out of. Then, a small parking space that the car must drive into and then back out of. After that comes time to do donuts around a cone. Finally, after the donuts, the car exits through a gate of cones.


First up, it’s the Caterham 620S. The little lightweight track car from Great Britain boasts a 2.0 liter supercharged Ford Duratec four-cylinder that makes a healthy 310 hp, giving its 1,344 lbs an incredible power-to-weight ratio. Its combination of big power, low weight and small size makes it incredibly nimble in this event. It simply rockets off the line and flies through the slalom. It then parks quickly and easily, thanks to its small size, and backs out quick as well. It does its donuts as incredibly as expected and fires through the exit.

After the Caterham is the Honda, which has a naturally disadvantage, being front-wheel drive. But it does have a clever front diff, 306 hp and a manual gearbox. So, it does well through the slalom and is fine in the parking spot, though it needed quite a lot of handbrake for the latter. However, it did struggle quite a bit to do donuts and really relied heavily on its handbrake, probably flattening its rear tires.

Next was the big Jeep, which was far more compromised than the Honda. It has a ton of power, with a 475 hp 6.4 liter V8. But its massive size, all-wheel drive and lack of proper handbrake make the Jeep a lock to get the bronze. It’s actually not bad through the slalom and is impressively fast. But it not only misses the parking spot, it also drives over it. Then it’s time for the donuts, which was actually more just the Jeep using its massive turning circle to quickly turn around the center cone. It exits in a hurry, out of shame.


Fnally, it’s the turn of the BMW M2. With a 365 hp I6 engine, a six-speed manual, rear-wheel drive and proper chassis dynamics, the M2 has all of the abilities to win this event. Through the slalom, it’s near-perfect and incredibly fluid. Where the Caterham was excellent, it did so as a track car — flat and darty. The M2 was more graceful. It whips right into the parking spot and gets back out quickly. For the donuts, the M2 crushes them with beautifully controlled drifts around the center cone.

While Carwow judged the reverse drag race, as that’s not really judging but observing, they’ve left this event’s decision up to the viewers. At the end of the video, you can vote on which car you think won the gold. The last time we checked, the BMW M2 was the clear and unanimous winner. But watch the video and vote for who you think deserves to take home the gold.