We’re quickly approaching the end of life of the beloved BMW F10 5 Series model. And while the current 5er aged gracefully, it is indeed time for a new model which will be unveiled in October. The G31 BMW 5 Series Touring was recently spotted in production-ready guise on the Nurburgring, teasing us even more before its official reveal.

According to the video description, BMW had two prototypes out on the famous track the other day – a BMW 535i and a BMW 535d. However, according to our own sources inside Munich, BMW is preparing two different monikers for their top diesel and petrol units. On the petrol front we’ll have the 530i and the 540i models, and 530d and 540d for the diesel-powered models.

BMW G31 5 Series Touring Rendering
BMW G31 5 Series Touring Rendering

The most notable difference between these four models is that while the 530d and 540d will use a 3-liter straight six diesel engine, the 530i will rely on the 2-liter four-cylinder petrol alternative good for 252 HP. This should make the 530d the pick of the range though, as we recently found in our test drive. The ubiquitous torque and the fuel efficiency will make it an attractive offer for everyone, especially those looking for a Touring model.

Unfortunately, the US market will be deprived of such luxuries. Due to the low sales of Touring versions, BMW will most likely decide to keep the Sport Wagon options away from this side of the Atlantic.

As for the car in the video below, the prototype is in production guise, which means development of the new car has entered its final stages. Judging by the amount of body roll showcased, the promise of at least 100 kg (220 lbs) being dropped on the new model does seem to be valid.