European design house Bengala Automotive and US-based Vitesse AuDessus have announced the launch of a bespoke carbon fibre program for current Rolls-Royce models. The program offers carbon fiber options for the Rolls-Royce Phantom, Phantom Coupé, Phantom Drophead Coupé, Wraith, Dawn, and Ghost. The featured material is a compressed carbon matrix that is similar to the Forged Carbon Fibre developed by Lamborghini and Callaway.

“Forged carbon fibre is an extraordinary development for the automotive industry. To the casual observer the material serves a purely utilitarian purpose. As a designer I was inspired by the mosaic-like motifs and felt that the aesthetic could be elevated. I visualized a material with the look of honed granite that would communicate the antithesis of the current perception: opulent luxury as opposed to ascetic utilitarianism. The product that Vitesse AuDessus was able to develop exceeded my highest expectations; and, when thinking of the appropriate application for the material’s debut as a luxury finish, no pairing was better suited than the handmade rolling masterpieces by Rolls-Royce,“ says Bengala Owner and Design Chief Shoghi Saeidnia.


The program is also offering another first in the industry: forged carbon fiber wheels. Lighter and denser than titanium, forged carbon fiber wheels offer a clear engineering advantage over their metal alloy counterparts. Forged wheels are also a marked improvement in manufacturing lead-time compared to traditional carbon fiber layup. The availability of fast-curing resins makes it possible to produce a set in minutes, as opposed to days. Each wheel design is tested to meet or exceed manufacturer standards and includes a proprietary coating to protect against heat.

“Carbon fiber wheels are the clearest and best performance choice as they dramatically lower unsprung weight. The only failing is in the complicated production process and long manufacturing lead-times. Forged carbon wheels solve this problem and open the doors to a wide range of future applications,” says Vitesse AuDessus CEO Stefany Sanchez.


Aside from the forged offering and true to Vitesse AuDessus’s bespoke commitment, every removable body panel is available in bare carbon replacements in the weave, tint and finish specified by the client. For those parts attached to the chassis, the brand offers lightweight veneers. Furthermore, in case you change your mind, all original parts are removed and stored in their original condition.

The parts come with a five-year warranty against defect or yellowing. OEM quality fit and finish are also guaranteed and lead-time for the parts is 3-4 weeks, and 4-6 weeks for the wheels, depending upon specification. Vitesse Audessus ships worldwide. The only hiccup as far as we can see lies in the pricing but then again, we are talking about Rolls-Royce owners who don’t really care for such trivial things.

The bonnet will set you back $7,250 no matter what model you’re driving, while the grilles surrounds will be anything between $3,875 and $4,125. The mirror covers and their mounts cost $3,125 while the windshield surround costs between $3,100 and $3,480. For the Wraith, you can also get a carbon fiber roof for $9,655 and a decklid made of the same material for $6,950.