The BMW i8 is without a dobut the most desired car in the Germans’ portfolio these days, even though it was launched two years ago. The i8 looks extremely futuristic and brings out an incredible platform to the table, so it’s hard to say no to it. And despite the fact that BMW only offers a handful of paint schemes for it, some dealers find a way to fulfill their customers’ demands, no matter what.

It’s the case of BMW Abu Dhabi, of course, that has built a name for itself, and the bespoke cars it delivers to its customers. The Middle Eastern dealership doesn’t just get you whatever color you want on whatever car you may desire, but it will also install aero packages on it, something we rarely see on an i8.


This i8 was dressed up in Austin Yellow which is the color BMW used when they launched the current BMW M4. Derived from Aurum Dust, the color of the M4 Coupe Concept, Austin Yellow is usually featured on cars with big, powerful engines under the hood. Not to say the i8 isn’t powerful, but it gets its force from a hybrid setup that does stand out in the crowd compared to conventional machines.

On top of that color, the sportscar also received a set of AC Schnitzer carbon fiber goodies. Up front there’s a new splitter added to the mix, as well as new side skirts, a rear diffuser and a carbon fiber wing on the boot. The only thing the German tuner has to offer and wasn’t installed on this i8 is a set of wheels, but maybe the new owner prefers the stock ones.