BMW Abu Dhabi delivers yet another colorful BMW i8. Just a few months that gave us the BMW i8 Lava Red and now they’re back with even something more enticing. This BMW i8 gets a special Lava Orange paint job which will make it stand out in yet a limited crowd of i8 models.

The color is part of the BMW Individual Program which was recently launched in the UK, and which includes colorful choices like Java Green or Speed Yellow.

BMW i8 Lava Orange 2016 Abu Dhabi 06 750x500

But the new paint job is not the whole story here. Additionally, this i8 hybrid sportscar went through a series of modifications courtesy of AC Schnitzer. At the front, a carbon fiber splitter and aero flaps enhance the already sporty look of the car. The side skirts are also present to match the aero kit, while the carbon fiber rear wing invites the i8 to the track.

BMW i8 Lava Orange 2016 Abu Dhabi 16 750x500

Last but not least important is a new set of custom wheels, also designed by AC Schnitzer which give i8 owners new ways to differentiate from others.

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