SPOTTED: BMW i8 prototype with performance upgrades

BMW i, Spy Photos | August 2nd, 2016 by 11
BMW i8 S Performance Prototyp Safety Car Formel E 11 750x500

Rumors surrounding a BMW i8 S with significantly increased performance have been going around for a long time, and now a prototype spotted in Munich …

Rumors surrounding a BMW i8 S with significantly increased performance have been going around for a long time, and now a prototype spotted in Munich might provide the final confirmation. According to the impromptu spy photographer, the i8 prototype seen here belongs to BMW and is testing some obvious performance parts. Some of those parts are likely to end up on the revised BMW i8 Safety Car, while others might be delivered on a special road legal i8.

For dramatically improved lap times, the chassis and drivetrain of the BMW i8 have been thoroughly revised, with some of those changes being clearly visible: A large front splitter and a rear diffuser which both provide additional downforce, and a revised rear window made of carbon fiber and designed with air vents.

BMW i8 S Performance Prototyp Safety Car Formel E 04 750x422 BMW i8 S Performance Prototyp Safety Car Formel E 05 750x422

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Other changes done to the basic i8 include the AP Racing brakes (six piston calipers up front with four pistons at the rear), 20” ATS Racing wheels, increased ventilation and lots of tire width (245/35 front, 285/30 rear). The new Bilstein suspension now only improves handling, but also lowers the i8 by 15 mm.


Absolutely invisible, but quite relevant for the BMW i8 facelift is the built-in technology for inductive charging. Together with Qualcomm, BMW continues to test the necessary components for wireless charging of lithium-ion batteries, which will later benefit not only the i8, but also other plug-in hybrids and electric cars from BMW i and BMW iPerformance.

It remains to be seen whether BMW is ready to deliver a high-performance i8 for the road, or this prototype is simply a test bed for the new i8 Safety Car, but regardless of the outcome, this proves BMW is looking ahead to improve its progressive hybrid sportscar and turn it into a car that’s close to the supercar status.

[Source: Todor Todorov for Bimmertoday]

11 responses to “SPOTTED: BMW i8 prototype with performance upgrades”

  1. Icebreakerr says:

    i8S 100% but WE ALL WANT A V10 V12 SUPERCAR !!!!!!!!!!

    • Fritz says:

      Keep dreaming! Only the 7, and 8 Series, got V12 engines in the past. And the V10 was only a short-lived project.

      The i8 is a arguably a super-car anyway, why would they make another one?

    • Senne says:

      Yes and no, because V10’s and V12’s are very heavy. Which would be a shame for a car like the i8. And most importantly, it’s still an “i”8 which means it needs to be fuel efficient. I don’t think they will even put an inline 6 in it, but an inline four could be possible. That could make 300 hp and another 130 hp or so from an electric motor or even two and you got yourself a proper super car! :D

    • Kaisuke971 says:

      They’d just need the S55+water tank mated to electric engines to do a bang. And i feel that’d be more BMW anyway.

  2. gerry says:

    Just like icebreakers get obsolete…v12 engines do old paradigms eventualy get inoperable as their masters and avocats die (Kuhn 1955)..

    • Colin Fichman says:

      tell that to ferrari

    • Icebreakerr says:

      are you talking about me? lol I just want a full hardcore supercar from BMW cause I know if the M division had a chance they would make a masterpiece that would destroy everything.

    • Kaisuke971 says:

      Come back to this comment when Aston Martin reveals the most advanced hypercar yet with a naturally aspirated V12 engine. Also don’t forget that the fastest car yet has an 8l 16 cylinder turbocharged engine, the quickest accelerating has a 5.0l biturboV8, and the fastest around a track has an high revving 4.0l NA V8 (mated to electric motors but still).

      Big/High revving petrol engines aren’t quite obsolete yet buddy.

  3. Jørgen Mo says:

    Please ditch the old-fashioned engine and make it 100% BEV

  4. Alexander S says:

    Wireless charging is a true revolution. Honestly, i dont believe that it could appear in current generation.

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