What hasn’t already been said about the BMW M4 GTS? The car was reviewed over and over again and yet nobody managed to find anything wrong with it. Maybe it was time someone looked out of the box and figured out what this car’s flaw truly was. The guys that managed to do that hail from Carfection and they figured out where the M engineers went wrong when they created the GTS. Care to guess?

For all the brilliance this thing brings to the track, its superb handling and unbelievable lap times, when it comes to driving it around town, it will turn out to be quite a nightmare. You see, the changed coil overs, the reinforced bushings and anti-roll bars as well as the new M Adaptive dampers are all great and neat on the silky smooth asphalt of a track but around town, they will turn into your absolute nightmare.


As Carfection says, driving a BMW M4 GTS would be horrifying around town but then again…. who cares? This thing is special, it was created to dominate race tracks and that’s what it does best. Sure enough, those 700 lucky people buying one know that and they purchased these incredibly expensive M4 models not to go shopping on Oxford street but to take them to the track and get their usual adrenaline dosage.

And that’s why the M4 GTS is brilliant. It does not matter how it fares in city traffic and around pot holes in the road, it is the embodiment of the best the M division has to offer and that’s pretty much obvious every time you go to the track. The 500 HP, the lightweight construction, the wheels, the brakes and the steering, all of those are part of a composition well knit together by the M division to allow you to have the time of your life, whenever you drive this thing. Rightfully so, then, Hardcore does come as Standard.