The fastest MINI Clubman you can get today is the Cooper S. That means 192 HP should be enough to get your blood flowing if you decide to buy the biggest MINI ever made. The exhaust sound of the Cooper S is rather decent as it is on all new models but maybe some improvements can be made. To help us out, Austrian exhaust specialist Remus might have something in store.

They created one of the first aftermarket exhaust systems for the Cooper S Clubman that’s currently on sale. To show off what they’ve come up with after weeks of hard work, the Austrians posted a video on Youtube with the darn thing in action, pedal to the metal and we have to admit we’re impressed. As a matter of fact, the new exhaust sounds a lot more like the one on the John Cooper Works hardtop than any other Cooper S model and that’s definitely a plus in our book.


Compared to the original pipes, the Remus version is a bit wider, going from 65 millimeters in diameter to 70 millimeters, a small but noticeable increase. Furthermore, their offering is ECC homologated and can be remotely controlled to provide a meaner sound, thanks to valves installed in the rear muffler. Nonetheless, the change in sound is noticeable even with the valves closed, as you’re about to see/hear.

The entire system is made out of stainless steel and even adds 3.6 horsepower to the grand total along with 6.6 Nm (4.9 lb-ft) of torque. Of course, these figures alone won’t be enough to convince someone to buy the €1,170 exhaust but then again, it’s a good extra alongside the meaner sound your car will make. As for the tailpipe trims, you can go with either the stock chrome finish or choose between Titanium, Carbon Fiber or Black Chrome.