During Comic Con Germany, something unexpected will be presented. BMW Motorrad has announced that a limited edition comic book, titled “Riders in the Storm,” is being produced, and is expected to be published this October. In honor of the this artistic venture, BMW Motorrad will also be displaying an Art Bike based upon the upcoming G 310 R roadster.

Though still months away, we have learned some important aspects of the upcoming comic. The heroine of the story is a policewoman named Makani, inspired by a real woman named Makani Terror. Her three sidekicks include a wolf with special powers, a motorcycle racer and a street artist. The four take on evil in the tale, through a story line which includes, “fantasy, adventure and mystery,” according to Hermann Paul, the managing director of Panini Verlags GmbH, the publishing firm who is collaborating with BMW Motorrad on the project.

The author of the storyline is a Croatian writer, Darko Macan. As for the illustrations, Italian Riccardo Burchielli, a 15 year veteran artist whose works have adorned the pages of comics from well known firms, such as Marvel, DC Comics and Dark Horse, was chosen to bring Macan’s story into the visual realm. Burchielli is, arguably most importantly, also an avid motorcycle enthusiast. His passionate summarization of the riding experience is one which we whom love riding can relate, “It’s a feeling of freedom that comes from your ability to move freely in the world like a cowboy. It’s also about your connection with your motorcycle, which is rather like a loyal friend. And not least it’s about total relaxation. When you’re riding your bike, that’s all you’re focused on. There’s no room for anything else in your head – you’re totally free at that moment.”

Comic Con Germany begins tomorrow and runs until the 26th of June. In addition to the previously mentioned Art Bike, which will be present, too will be Makani Terror. If attending, be sure to visit the Panini Verlags GmbH trade fair stand.

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