MINI will be presenting its latest fashion collection at the 90th Pitti Uomo International Fair this year in Italy, under the name Fluid Fashion. The MINI Fluid Fashion Capsule Collection was developed with the help of five young, innovative labels and is made up of five different sweatshirts with distinctive designs on them.

“The MINI brand has acted as a standard-bearer for iconic design and individual lifestyles since its earliest days. Driving a MINI is a statement of style and identity, which is one reason why the brand has had a close connection with the fashion world since the 1960s,” explains Esther Bahne, Head of Brand Strategy and Business Innovation at MINI.


In the creation of this latest collection, MINI worked together with the designers to make sure that the end products are both representative of the brand as well as the individuals who put them together. Speaking of the designers, it should be pointed out that apart from having different ideas on how the sweatshirts should look like, they were also influenced by local cultural icons, as all of them hail from a different country and, therefore, a different cultural background.

HIEN LE from Berlin, Germany, created a design using Instagram’s “like” heart as a throwback at the digital age we’re living in. “For me, MINI FLUID FASHION is about boundlessness, courage and, above all, love,” he says. “These are things that have always been big for me and are now more important than ever.” On the other hand, the creation of the Études Studio from France focused more on the moment, on living now, using blue to bring the expression ‘out of the blue’ to life.


London-based Agi & Sam decided to blend eye-catching colors with minimalist lines while SANKUANZ China’s design fuses the aesthetic of classical, Chinese comics from the 1980s with the color-rich, contemporary SANKUANZ logo and a classic Mini as a symbol of a more friendly, more colorful approach to urban living. Last but not least the the Sunnei guys from Italy decide to use their traditional strips in their design.

The MINI FLUID FASHION Capsule Collection is limited to 200 pieces per design and available exclusively from Luisa Via Roma’s online store from mid-June.