The BMW E36 M3 doesn’t get always the respect and attention it deserves. Maybe because it didn’t bring a lot of power to the table, yet the second M3 was and still is a great car to drive. A lot of people have been saying that a bit more power and torque would’ve been welcome on a car that is considerably heavier than the E30 M3, so this tuning project aims to solve just that.

The car belongs to an enthusiast who borrowed some of the tech used on the iconic E30 M3 to make it a brilliant machine.


This one uses a 62-milimeter turbo to get ahead so the power output of the straight six engine under the hood went up from around 300 HP in standard guise to a mind-blowing 675 HP (estimate) at the crank. According to the owner, the rear wheels are putting down about nearly 600 HP which is an insane amount already. That was without taking the boost up to high levels or using meth. Apparently, if that was the case, the upper limit of this configuration would be over 700 HP which would allow this M3 to enter supercar territory.

However, as impressive and eye-watering the numbers are, the one thing that impressed us the most was not the performance this car puts down but the dedication its owner showed. As he eloquently puts it, there was a lot of time and money invested in this build, not to mention passion that fueled all the other elements and fused them together to create this amazing package. Stories like this will always embolden other people to live their lives to the fullest and maybe follow their passion to incredible heights.

In the meantime, let’s listen to that straight six monster of an engine roar.