In 2018, BMW will bring a successor to the Z4 Roadster. Whether it will be still called the Z4 or will take a new moniker – Z5 – the redesigned soft top roadster aims to succeed in a declining segment. The new roadster is designed and engineered by BMW in collaboration with Toyota, part of a partnership scheduled to end in 2020.

While the current generation Z4 is built at Regensburg, the future roadster is rumored to move to Austria. According to the Kleine Zeitung, BMW will hand over the production to the contract manufacturer Magna Steyr in Graz. BMW Group has been closely linked with Magna for many years – MINI Countryman and Paceman, first generation X3 and future G30 5 Series are all connected with Magna.

Toyota is also mulling on the idea of moving its upcoming sports car to Austria as well. Potentially marketed as Toyota Supra, the sports car will be offered in a coupe form, and apart from the different body shape and design, it will share many components with the Z4/Z5. The tuning of chassis and steering lies entirely in the hands of BMW engineers, while BMW will benefit from Toyota excellence in fuel cells and hybrid technology.

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BMW also plans a top-of-the-line Z4 M with 450-hp from an inline-six, whereas the ultimate Toyota Supra will be powered by a twin-turbocharged V6 from Japan.

The next Z4 or Z5 Roadster will arrive in 2018.