The folks at iND Distribution are known for pushing the envelope with their BMW tuning projects and as expected, the new M2 was in line for some crazy upgrades. While the full project is underway, the Chicago-based tuning shop gives us a quick look at one of the aero parts installed on the new “baby-M.” Using a playbook from the M4 GTS, the M2 now features the massive carbon fiber rear wing that helps the M4 GTS beat all the track records.

Without a doubt the racing wing fits best on the M4 GTS and other larger cars, but we can certainly seem some customers choosing the massive wing for visual effects and maybe even some additional downforce on the track.



The standard M Performance Parts program for the M2 doesn’t include the racing wing, but it offers a beautifully engineered carbon fiber rear spoiler which is a must on most new M cars. The M Performance Parts product portfolio features a particularly extensive range of aerodynamic components made of carbon-reinforced plastic (CFRP or carbon fiber). These include front and side sill attachments, rear diffuser and mirror caps that emphasize the powerful exterior design of the compact high-performance sports car.

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The front and side sill attachments in combination with the rear spoiler and diffuser from the BMW M Performance range optimize the airflow around the vehicle. Matching these there are carbon fiber exterior mirror caps which stylishly round off the car’s enhanced sporty appearance with their striking look.

The M Performance Parts program is available today and your local dealership can assist with purchasing and installation of various parts.