When BMW launched the i3 they also unveiled a program that would allow customers to loan a conventional car for longer trips, to help soothe range anxiety issues. At the moment, there are several countries around the world where this service is offered but it seems Australian buyers won’t get this commodity in the future.

According to Car Advice, BMW Australia product communications manager, Adam Davis told them that the program is going to be axed because there was never any real interest showed in it. “There was a scheme under the ‘Flexibility Mobility’ banner launched with i3, but due to a very low take-up rate globally and little local interest, that program was discontinued; most i3 buyers already had an additional car for such trips anyway,” Davis said.


Not all hope is lost though, as dealers can still offer such services to their customers if they choose to, but they will do it at their own risk: “Individual dealers may offer a loan vehicle to i3 owners, but it would be at that dealer’s discretion in terms of cost, time and distance,” Davis added.

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With the launch of the new BMW i3 that has 50 percent more range in both its EV and range extended versions, customers may soon realize the car can fulfill their every need, without having to experience range anxiety-related issues. So the need of an additional loaner program would defeat the purpose.